A VR Game with Purpose

Posted February 3rd
A VR Game with Purpose

The Christian Post recently highlighted DvG: Conquering Giants in a web article that featured interviews with two of the key folks behind the game, Jarom Sidwell and Kevin Nguyen. Check out these quotes from the story.

"What I find especially exceptional about VR is how immersive players feel. You literally become the character you are playing. Good moral principles permeate the story arc and gameplay. Unseen danger lurks nearby, be vigilant. Every sheep is precious. The flock is your family; the family is your flock. You are anointed for great things." Jarom Sidwell

"We wanted to enjoy the game for the action, cinematics and beat up some bad guys. But something came out of this game experience that I didn't expect. My son started to ask me if David really fought off all these obstacles and the big mean giant, Goliath. But this shouldn't be a surprise with any curious 10-year-old." Kevin Nguyen

You can read more about DvG on the Christian Post site.

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