DvG: Conquering Giants is HERE!

Posted January 1st
DvG: Conquering Giants is HERE!

Who says nothing good came from 2020? DvG: Conquering Giants, the first virtual reality game from Virtuous VR Gaming in partnership with Immersive History, released in late 2020 and is available now on Steam.

It hasn't taken long for gamers to becomes fans of DvG, the game that allows you to be the original underdog, David, as you battle Goliath and other enemies.

"It's also a blast playing with a group, taking turns playing, and watching everyone's reactions. DvG is a definite winner and I highly recommended it!" TroubleTribe's

We asked Jarom Sidwell, the creative leader of DvG to describe the game:

"DvG: Conquering Giants is a fun and active virtual reality game. I love games that get your heart racing and take some perseverance. We built in a unique movement set that requires you to pump your hands to move in every direction. And, of course, we have the sling! It can be tricky to get the hang of using it, but it's so incredibly rewarding once you've mastered it. I think of DvG as a more physically active 'Vader Immortal' and a more story driven 'Creed'."

As if we needed to be any more excited about 2021, DvG will soon be available both on Playstation VR and on Oculus Quest 2. Be sure to follow DvG on Facebook and Instagram and sign-up today to get the latest news about DvG.

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