Meet the Leaders Behind DvG

Posted January 31st
Meet the Leaders Behind DvG
"DvG ... is centered on the heroic and timeless biblical tale of David vs. Goliath. Good, clean fun? Check. Educational without being preachy? Check. A cutting-edge journey into old testament scripture? Check. DvG delivers a breath of fresh air in a gaming space dominated by blood and gore."
15 Minutes With

Recently, the forces behind DvG sat down for an interview with the website 15 Minutes With. You will be inspired by Bill Issler (the head of Virtuous VR Gaming) and Jarom Sidwell (the head of Immersive History).

As Jarom says in the interview:

"We had a few pillars when we started out developing DvG and making this a family-friendly game was at the top of the list. We wanted to avoid the gore and the violence that are prevalent some other games. We wanted to make it so that a family could sit around and watch someone play this, and then have it be something that they could talk about later."

Be sure to read the full interview with Jarom and Bill.

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