“DvG delivers a breath of fresh air in a gaming space dominated by blood and gore.”
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“I've been playing VR games for a few years now and this is absolutely one of the most fun VR games I've ever played!”

“It's also a blast playing with a group, taking turns playing, and watching everyone’s reactions. DvG is a definite winner and I highly recommended it!”

“The beautiful, open-world environment, boss battle style play, and tons of additional challenge levels will keep me coming back for more.”
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“The Bible meets Quantum Leap with DvG: Conquering Giants.”

“DvG: Conquering Giants showcases stable animation and promising mechanics. With sling in hand, you’ll head out on an epic quest via forests and caves to beat evil.”
Virtual Reality Use

“The sling mechanics are incredible! Сool!”

“The slingshot weapon is fun but the challenge and satisfaction of mastering the old school sling weapon is totally worth it.”

“DvG: Conquering Giants takes a few twists and turns to retell the classic story of David versus Goliath in virtual reality. While the narrative borrows a few pages from the Bible, the direction takes from Hollywood for an immersive experience.”

“The story of David vs Goliath comes to VR. And this time, it’s got lava.”
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“Outstanding! Great VR game for families and my ‘twentysomething’ kids enjoyed it. We had a blast playing through the campaign and story. Strong game and loved the challenge levels for added entertainment. Loved the graphics and various lush environments.”
VNoFool777 on SteamVR